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Introducing Sjoanda Creative

Sjoanda Creative is a multi-disciplinary arts collective based in the North East of England. We're active across multiple spheres - music, painting, photography, film making, modelling, teaching and a whole lot more.

This site is currently a working-in-progress. It will evolve albeit slowly as we figure out what we want to say and how we want to be seen.

Have a look around. Tell us what you think. Some of the pieces are working-in-progress. Some are finished items. Some of the work is for sale. Some of it isn't. This is our first foray into the local arts scene.

Baby steps. Where next? Stick around.

About Us

Sjoanda Creative began life in 2013 as a loose collaboration between artist/musician Jennifer Lawson and musician/techno-mage David J. Hughes.

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News goes here.

New web site. Work-in-progress. Good stuff. See it here.

What We Do...


We're both active, gigging musicians.

Public Relations

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Digital Media

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Based in North East UK